Hours: Mon - Thurs: 10am - 8pm, Fri & Sat: 10am - 5pm, Sat (Jul/Aug): 10am - 1pm


Loan Periods

Loan type Loan period
New Books 14 days
Adult/Young Adult/Juv. Books 21 days
Magazines 14 days
New DVDs (3 per card) 7 days
Older DVDs (7 per card) 7 days
Playaway View 7 days
Music CDs 21 days
New Audio Books 21 days
Audio Books 21 days
Museum Passes 3 days
Early Learning Backpacks 21 days
Puppets 21 days
Read-alongs (book & audio) 21 days
Summer Reading 21 days


We are (mostly) fine free! There are no fines on books, magazines, DVDs, music CDs, and audiobooks. Fines remain only on the following items:

Loan type Daily fine Max fine
Telescope $5 $30
Launchpads and Playaway Views $5 $30
Museum passes: $5 $30
Children’s Learning Backpacks and Memory Kits $2 $20
Read First, Read Fast books $1 $5

Materials not returned within 28 days of their due date will be billed a replacement cost. If you are able to return the item(s), the cost will be waived and no fines will be assessed unless it is one of the items listed above.

Items damaged beyond repair will also be billed a replacement cost.

Inter-Library Loans

You may request books and other materials from other public libraries within Connecticut if you cannot find what you are looking for at the Somers Public Library. After checking SPL first, try using the Bibliomation Catalog and selecting "Bibliomation" under the Library search field. This will allow you to search all libraries within the Bibliomation network. If you still cannot find it, ask us and we will try to locate it out of network for you.

Home Delivery

If you are unable to travel to the library due to medical reasons (permanent or temporary), please contact us to make arrangements for someone to delivery library materials to you at home. Call the library and ask for Cheyenne.

Museum Passes

Check out all the great museum passes we have available to borrow! Made possible by the Friends of the Somers Public Library.